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About the MCSS

The Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) provides primary & secondary education to the population of Monrovia metropolitan area, Liberia.

The MCSS was established by government in 1964 under the Act to Amend the Education Law to create the Monrovia Consolidated School System.

MCSS was created by a legislative enactment on December 24, 1964 to ensure proper and effective conduct of schools in Monrovia & its environs in consonance with policies & regulations of the Ministry of Education.

Prior to the creation of the (MCSS), schools in Monrovia were individually administered by principals reporting directly to the Ministry of Education. The Memorandum of Understanding & the preliminary step to the establishment of the System was signed on 28, February 1963.

Mission Statement

The mission of MCSS is to ensure students achievement through quality instruction, effective school leadership, efficient school management, parents involvement, students motivation & community support.

Past & Present Superintendents of MCSS

1. Hon. Emmanuel W. Johnson 1968-1974

2. Hon. Matuba I. Harding 1974-1976

3. Hon. J. Hudo Manston 1976-1979

4. Hon. Joseph Kofa 1979-1985

5. Hon. Wilmot Freeman 1985-1986

6. Hon. Arthur N. Manly 1986-1987

7. Hon. Viola M. Flah 1987-1990

8. Hon. Alois D. Mongar 1992-1995

9. Hon. Bertha V. Vawar 1995-1996

10. Rev. G. Emmanuel Ricks 1997-2004

11. Hon. Anna Peabody 2004-2004

12. Hon. Hawa Bropleh 2004-2004

13. Hon. Hester William Catakaw 2004-2007

14. Hon. Pauline Browne 2007-2008

15. Hon. Victoria K. Duncan 2008-2011

16. Hon. Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs 2013-2021

17. Hon. Isaac Saye-Lakpoh Zawolo current superintendent.