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Kamal Foundation to Build an Information Technology IT school in Liberia MONROVIA -- March 4, 2024: The Kamal Foundation based in the United States of America that builds schools worldwide has adopted the MCSS as its 2024 beneficiary. The Kamal Foundation is expected to build an IT school in Liberia that will enhance the computer literacy skills of MCSS students who are interested in becoming IT professionals. The decision was concluded when the MCSS Superintendent, Hon. Isaac Saye-Lakpoh Zawolo visited the US and held a rewarding discussion with the director of Kamal Foundation. The director of Kamal Foundation Mr. Jahanbein Kamal told superintendent Zawolo that prior to starting a project, the people in the community benefiting from his foundation’s work must agree to two stipulations. They must save one day’s worth of income per month for six months to donate it to the project and work one day per week on the construction of the school. He furthered that community members will have to approach their government with these plans with a parcel of land to build the school. Governments must agree to provide teachers and furniture once the school is built. “Our rule is very simple,” said Jahanbein. “If you don’t have the money, you have to give me your muscle. This lets us know who is serious about the project. Meanwhile, the MCSS has agreed to provide the teachers and furniture once the school is built. Department of Communications, Public Relations and Media Services/MCSS

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